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My family, friends, and supporters, I am deeply grateful for the support you gave me during my candidacy to be your voice in Washington. I am humbled when I think of the hundreds of hours of your precious time (and for those who could afford it, your dollars) you willingly gave to make my run, OUR run, a reality. It was your belief in our cause that kept me energized for the daily campaign. I cannot put into words how much your support has meant to me.


Now, though the primaries are over, the fight has just begun! I urge everyone who voted, no matter who you voted for, to vote again in November for Marek Tyszkiewicz (that's tiz-kev-itch) and to make sure you get your family, friends, and neighbors who think that mid-term elections don't matter to get out and vote as well! We know that mid-terms are more important than ever, and EVERY vote counts, including YOURS!


How to start? Go to Marek's web site and volunteer your time, donate, or both! Tell him Ronny sent ya!

Democratic Candidate

Ronny Richards

Democratic Candidate for Ohio's 2nd District, U.S. House of Representatives

Theodore Roosevelt

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Ronny Richards for Congress

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Ronny Richards spoke at the Progressive Democrats of America ERA Action event with Senator Nina Turner in Chillicothe.

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Brian Richards talks about his brother's decision to run for Congress.

Click here for Brian's open letter to the citizens of Ohio's 2nd District

  • American Dream3:01
  • Brand New Day2:45
  • I-702:35
  • Maybe We Can3:16
  • Same World2:33
  • Will of the People3:10